Friday, October 8, 2010

Flickr Favorites Friday 10.8.2010

I had intended to post one of these last week, but I've been so busily embroidering that most everything else I'd like to do for fun has been getting pushed aside. I fully expect blistered (or at least heavily calloused) fingers by the time I've finished this quilt.

Here is my weekly dose of rainbow love.

1. toy, 2. DSC03041, 3. Colors of play, 4. Paintbox Quilt :: Hand Quilted... and finished!, 5. In Rainbows, 6. Elaine's Rainbow, 7. DQS8 # 2 quiltie - 'Rainbow Girl', 8. Rainbow, 9. pencil roll, 10. doll quilt swap - round 9, 11. Fat Quarterly Quilt along- final layout, 12. Slow growth, 13. Tęczowy deszcz, 14. I heart 'Glee'!, 15. Orbit Brooch (rainbow), 16. Organized embroidery floss

So many creative rainbows this week. I'm looking for new projects to explore once this quilt is finished, and these certainly are getting my mind going. With the return of cooler weather I'm getting the crocheting itch again, so it might be time to start practicing my granny squares. :) Also, even though I've been embroidering until my fingers hurt and my joints are achy, I'm really loving it and am looking forward to beginning a project for myself rather than for someone else. Christmas is also just around the corner, so I have to start working on the present ideas I have going through my head. Too many ideas!

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