Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Hard Lesson Learned

I've been working on (what seems like forever) a huge, and I mean HUGE, quilt for my mom. It's an oversized king quilt measuring roughly nine-and-a-half by nine-and-a-half feet. Making it relatively easy is the fact that the pattern is very simple. She chose five fabrics and wanted the top to be squares alternating those five fabrics in the same pattern throughout. The overall effect is going to be that each fabric will be running diagonally throughout it.

Simple enough.

To make the quilt less heavy to thread into the machine, I sew five rows at a time and then connect them together. After regaining some motivation I finally finished the 6-10 rows and was ready to sew them to the first five. When I began to do this I noticed something didn't seem right. The squares were not going in the same direction. I decided to then sew four more rows and see if that helped.

Thursday I finally got the rows complete and again sat down to sew them all together and then had a nauseating realization. The rows didn't match up because I had sewn FIVE rows, each nine-and-a-half feet long, in the wrong orientation. In order to fix this I would have to spend the painstaking time ripping out the seams for these rows so that they could be sewn in the correct orientation.

Last night, after a total of more than two hours, I finally finished my repairs on the quilt. Which means that I'm at the exact same point that I was....a week ago. Fabulous.

Note to self: Take a better look at your quilt orientation before you spend hours of your precious time sewing in the wrong direction.

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