Friday, September 17, 2010

Flickr Favorites Friday

1. Pequeña Obsesión Multicolor, 2. Spectrum, 3. Colour Wheel of Leaves., 4. A Rainbow of Light, 5. cubic crayons, 6. Rainbow Cake 2010, 7. all the colors of the rainbow, and brown, 8. Amritium Spectral Lines, 9. Spectrum, 10. stack of bags, 11. Rainbow clock, 12. colour wheel, 13. Creativity, 14. Thats where you'll find me..., 15. rainbow fingers. III, 16. Rainbow Tree

These are just a few of the images that have inspired me or have just plain made me happy this week. I am dying to make the Rainbow Mosaic Mandala and am soon to start adding to my collection of doodads that I would want on my own. Like my Rainbow String Quilt I'm sure that this would be a long range project, because collecting all of the small things that would be glued to this piece might take forever. I'm up to the challenge :)

And who wouldn't want to have a Christmas Tree like that? Seriously, take a closer look. :)

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