Monday, February 7, 2011

Belated New Year's Resolutions/Goals

Better late than never that I get my New Year's resolutions out into the world. It is ONLY the beginning of February.

First of all, I want to look back at last year's goals and see how I did:
  • Participate in Project 365 (I took well over 365 pictures and probably took a picture for about 80% of those days. Not too shabby for a first try.)
  • Finish my mom's quilt (Done by March)
  • Finally start (AND finish) my humongous rainbow collage (Pretty much done. Just a few tweeks I want to eventually get around too and then shellac the thing with a UV protectant.)
  • A rainbow string quilt (Done and I LOVE it!!! It even won a prize at the State Fair.)
  • Learn to crochet granny squares (I need to work on this a lot.)
  • Make artwork for around the house (I'm carrying this one over...)
  • Learn to make clothes for Livers (The only thing I made from her looks like a disaster, but for some reason she LOVES it. I'll have to do more of this.)
  • Work my way around my D-SLR well (Still learning, but I've done great and am very confident in my abilities.)
  • Make more jewelry for myself (I made some but want to branch out beyond simple pieces.)
  • Sell things on Etsy (Not yet. Maybe later.)
  • Learn to digitally scrapbook well (I made MAYBE one or two pages. At most. This must change.)
  • FINALLY start and finish Livers' baby scrapbook (Yeah, need to get around to this. Baby is 4...)
  • Learn to crochet and knit more things than scarves (Do flowers count?)
  • Crochet a blanket (Not yet. Maybe this year!)
  • Knit a pair of socks (Maybe this year. Knitting is scary.)
  • Regularly organize the gazillion photos I take (I'm still not done with 2010's but I'm close. I'm only a couple of days behind for 2011 so that's an accomplishment!)
  • Teach Livers a new craft (Not really, but I want to start with this.)
  • Make more things for my kid(s?) (Kid :( Maybe this will be the year. On both accounts.)
  • Be less craftily lazy (I can always work on this.)
  • Keep the blog more updated (Notsomuch. Hopefully this year.)
All in all, 2010 wasn't too shabby. I did make things and learn new things, and I hope to do so much more this year. Here's a look at what I hope to accomplish in 2011:


  1. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements...well
  2. Complete a Project 365
  3. And upload a picture per day on my blog
  4. Utilize Flickr more for my own pictures, not just for looking at other peoples' work
  5. Keep up with picture organization. Having to organize three months at a time is no fun.
  6. Get a macro lens and learn to use it :D
  7. Learn to digitally scrapbook and FINALLY get around to making Livy's baby book scrapbook
  1. Learn to crochet well
  2. Become more comfortable with knitting
  3. Start and make progress on a granny square afghan
  4. Knit a pair of socks (carry over from last year)
  5. Make a beautiful rainbow shawl with the yarn I ordered from the Unique Sheep
  1. Start a crazy quilt
  2. Make the Color Wheel quilt from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts
  3. Make a quilt for Livy's bed
  4. Learn how to free motion quilt
  5. At the very least PLAN a quilt/duvet cover for my bed
  1. Repurpose clothes into something new and fabulous
  2. Learn to sew sippers
  3. Learn to make pillows
  4. Learn to make purses, even if it's tiny
  5. Make more clothes for Livy
  1. Keep up with my craft blog
  2. Learn to make jewelry
  3. Keep up with scanning, photographing, and cataloguing Livy's artwork
  4. Paint more
  5. Experiment with mixed media artwork
  6. Make artwork for my house. The walls have been too bare for too long
  7. Finish my calendar before next year :)
I feel like I'm missing something, but this is most certainly enough. That's the thing about goals: it's always OK to go back later and reevaluate them.

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