Friday, January 28, 2011

Flickr Favorites Friday 1.28.2011

1. Rainbow Round, 2. rainbow umbrella seen through the crystal ball , 3. February 3rd, 2010, 4. Somewhere over the rainbow, 5. Trapeze , 6. colourful twist, 7. wet rainbow umbrella, 8. Rainbow Umbrella, 9. IMG_9489, 10. fi-rainbow, 11. Rainbow Reaching for Kite Salvation, 12. rainbow umbrella #5, 13. Rain of colour, 14. (in) rainbows, 15. Rainbow Umbrella!, 16. In Rainbows - American Oystercatcher Reflection

My mind is swirling with creative ideas right now--crazy quilts, color wheel quilts, crocheted flowers, painting, a plethora of embroidery and sewing projects--but I just can't resist a good Flickr mosaic. I was reminded of how lovely a vibrant rainbow umbrella is, so I went searching and here is a sampling of the what I found. How cheery!

I think my personal favorite has to be this one:

There is something so ethereal about it that just speaks to me. I love it! But it can be so difficult to pick a favorite when they are all so beautiful. :)

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