Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Creative Space

I find it unfortunate that I'm just now getting around to blogging about my current project, as it has been in my mind for so long and I've been actively working on it for quite a few weeks now.

I am nearing the halfway point of piecing my Rainbow String quilt. I started refining the greens in the quilt today, purchasing a few more fat quarters to make sure that the transition from yellow to yellow-green and from yellow-green to green is smooth and to make sure that the colors blend nicely with each other as you move throughout each color. I hope tomorrow morning to make the final decision, because I should be finished piecing all of my yellow blocks and I'll be able to cut the fabric for the yellow-greens and start piecing them.

I'm beyond excited with how this is going and can't wait to complete it. Hopefully I'll post more often so I can see the progress I'm making, and I need to go back and catalog the work I've already done.

A few blocks of each color.


  1. Beautiful colours transitioning into each other

  2. It's going to be absolutely beautiful. It's already looking magnificent.

  3. oh I like this, your colours are gorgeous